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Yamaha Vstar 1100 Starter Survey

Please take a moment to complete this survey.  This information will be helpful in evaluating the success and failure rate of Yamaha Vstar 1100 starter systems.  All information and comments will help us to provide feedback to Yamaha Corporation.  It is important that Vstar owners take this survey regardless of the current condition of their starter.  All responses are needed and comments are welcomed.

  1. Please provide the following personal information: 

    Note, this information is required for validation only and will not be shared with Yamaha or any other parties unless permission is specifically granted (see below).  Fields marked with a * means that it is a required field.

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  2. Please provide the following information about your motorcycle:

    Year  *
    Model *
    Warranty  *
    Current Mileage  * 
    Date of Manufacture (mm/yy) * 
    Dealer and Location of Purchase 
  3. Please describe current status of your starter:


  4. What action has been taken to date?


  5. If brought to a dealer, what was the response? 
    Check all boxes that apply:

    My starter was fixed or replaced under warranty
    I was told starter was not covered because of mileage or age
    Dealer stated there is no history or they are unaware of a problem.
    I have fixed or replaced the starter myself.
    Bike is disabled awaiting further action
    Dealer has bike and is processing claim

  6. Name of repair facility, City, State. (or self)

  7. If the bike was repaired, what was the cost of the repair?

  8. What was approximate mileage at time of failure?

  9. When was the starter serviced?:

    -- mm/dd/yy

  10. Please give a brief description of the repair or any relevant comments

  11. Do you grant permission for your personal data to be forwarded to Yamaha Corporation?


    Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey


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